Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Reckless Abandonment: New Zealand Addition

Meet our newest beer… on tap now!

5.9% ABV

Not quite an IPA, not quite a pale ale, this version turns its gaze towards New Zealand with a very select blend of hops, giving it lemon-lime citrus, kumquat, floral, and bold tropical aromas.

Stock up on beer!

Take us home with you, to a friend or family member’s house, or on vacation to celebrate your Memorial Day weekend!  Pick up 64 oz growlers, 32 oz crowlers, or 4-packs!

Burgers for Memorial Day!

We have yummy burgers to get you into the spirit for Memorial Day Weekend!

Pictured here: Our smashed chicken burger. Completed with Vermont white cheddar + lettuce + tomato + onion + garlic aioli + sweet potato bun + fries.

We also have: 

Our Falafel Burger!

Our Beyond Burger!


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