Saturday, November 16

Gumbo Social Club [$15]

Gumbo Social Club’s listeners learn to expect surprises. After all, who knew that reggae sounds great on the banjo? Or that classic Dixieland jazz and conga drums should’ve met long ago? How about 60’s Soul, anchored by string bass and 12-string guitar? There’s bebop, calypso South African Township Jive… On paper a bit of a jumble, but the same can be said for the list of ingredients for a good gumbo. In the hands of chefs Bert Harris (bass), Jocko MacNelly (guitar and banjo), V. Shayne Fredericks (vocals), Tim Price (woodwinds), and Kimpedro Rodriguez (drums) and disparate flavors are brought together into delicious unity, and served – true to the band’s name – with panache.