Join us next week as we offer a menu devoted to Coney Island. I am sure some of you are thinking… ” we just ate a 75 dollar black truffle dinner yesterday and are supposed to get excited about fair food” Make no mistake, it will be precious, it will be absurd, it will be delicious and above anything, IT WILL BE FUN. So come on down, drink some egg creams, eat some funnel cake and enjoy yourselves.
From Coney Island with Love

with dried goat cheese and spiced chili

“Savory Funnel Cake”
with a grilled little neck remoulade

“Square Pie”
Fresh Flatbread with local tomato and all the herbs

“Not Nathan’s Hotdog”
Our Lobster and Scallop Sausage on brioche with corn relish

“Fried Oreo with a Chocolate Egg cream”

Serving dinner Tuesday – Saturday
Join us next week as we celebrate a late Bastille Day

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