Calling All Stewards: Friends of the Wissahickon is Recruiting for its 2020 Class of Volunteers

Deadline is Jan. 3, 2020


Friends of the Wissahickon (FOW) is recruiting for its 2020 class of volunteer trail ambassadors (TAs), crew leaders, and sawyer crew. Besides running public volunteer service days, FOW trains and organizes these smaller corps of volunteers to work on a more involved level. Join FOW for an information session on Tuesday, Dec. 17, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Our House Culture Center (6380 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144) to learn about these volunteer positions and their integral role in the organization’s ability to continue its volunteer mission with Wissahickon Valley Park. Applications are due by Jan. 3, 2020; training is held from February to March.


TAs are park docents who teach park visitors about the park’s history, flora, fauna and geology and assist with anything from directions to first aid. With only a few park rangers on duty in the Wissahickon, TAs serve a much-needed role in the park by patrolling the trails, leading hikes, and staffing information tables in the Wissahickon and the surrounding community. TAs are the eyes and ears of FOW, providing information to park users and reporting service needs back to us. Through this group, FOW is better able to serve the public and protect the park.

Crew Leaders are a special corps of stewards who are trained in leading volunteer groups in the Wissahickon, building and improving trails, restoring habitat, and sharing their knowledge and expertise with others. They work directly with FOW staff to plan and lead volunteer service days throughout the park. With the constant natural and human stresses on the park, Crew Leaders help keep the Wissahickon beautiful and sustainable for generations to come.

Sawyer Crew is a highly skilled crew of volunteers who clear fallen trees from the trail system in the park. They are trained in chainsaw usage and maintenance, flagging, swamping, safety measures, and communicating with a crew in the field. With storms increasing in intensity, the Sawyer Crew plays an integral role in keeping the park safe for visitors.


Space in these programs is limited, so apply early. FOW will then schedule a time to meet with applicants to discuss options, goals, and potential entry into the volunteer program. For more information, email Volunteer Manager Shawn Green at