Excuse the interruption, but we’re so sure you’re gonna love this class, we are offering you a chance to try it absolutely free!! Our desire is to form a
continuing weekly class that features live drumming, and the most dynamic teacher ever…besides me (LOL). If that’s something you think you’d enjoy, show us by showing up!
Space is limited, so use the link I’m providing here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/178279307207
to sign up for the free session.
As we grow into our new space, we will begin to streamline our communications to unclutter your inbox, and reach out to you less, but right now, new things are showing up almost every day!
Does anyone want to try a little Polynesian Dance? We’ve got a Hula class that will begin accepting new students VERY SOON!!
At The Factory, we are giving a home to cultural forms of dance and expression that are merely tolerated in other places, and unwelcome in even more places than the other alternative. Here, You’re home.
Follow us on FB and Eventbrite to see what’s coming up next…
Hasta La Pista,