Thursday, February 11

The Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill

8855 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118 • 215.247.8855

Noon Brown-bag lunch (dessert and coffee provided)

12:30 p.m. Presentation begins.

A $5 donation is requested. No registration required.

Bill Golderer:  The Role of Faith in Our Troubled Politics and the Wider World

We are in the midst of a paradox in our society.  Technology has provided for us a world where we have never before been so connected.  And yet this connection does not automatically yield an improved experience of living in our world. Terrorism and acts of hate from across the world are beamed onto our desktop computers when we begin the day.  Stories of grievous violations of the public trust by public officials, business tycoons and religious leaders pop up on our tablets every day.  This contributes to environment of fear, cynicism and distrust. The arrival of Twitter, Facebook and message boards provide profound opportunity for richer dialogue and deeper engagement across ideological divides and yet the polarization has gotten nothing but worse.  Can any of this ever get better?

Rev. Bill Golderer believes to his core that it can and it must.  For the past 12 years, Bill has been a builder of organizations and re-builder of institutions that improve people’s lives.  He has inspired people from different political parties, religious affiliations and worldviews to come together to make Philadelphia better. Working with the business sector, the arts community, philanthropy the religious community, Bill has poured himself into the most vexing problems facing our society.  And now he has decided to run for Congress–to see if there isn’t opportunity for a spiritual awakening in this troubling time.  Come hear from Bill about his hopes for our world and his faith in what could be.  You can read about his decision here: