Astronomy Night: Jenks Academy for the Arts and Sciences

Attention all you science nerds, astro-nuts, and residents of Chestnut Hill mark April 23rd on your calendar and get ready for the return of Astronomy Night at Jenks. Join the biggest star party in the region as local astronomers will bring their gear to Jenks and twenty-five other sites in the Philadelphia area to give us an opportunity to tour the cosmos.

Stargazing isn’t the only item on the agenda; you’ll also have a chance to launch an alka-rocket and to participate in a cool citizen science project! Students of Jenks are preparing for your visit with more activities for the entire family.

Dr. Lamperti of Temple University visited the students of the Astronomy Club on Thursday March 17th. He discussed what objects in the Universe the telescopes would be focusing on. The club members are working on presentations to enrich the evening of all that attend. Students and community volunteers will also have tables of activities for all visitors to participate in, courtesy of The Franklin Institute. Sky-watcher star maps and sextants can be created and used by even notice astronomers.


Come out and enjoy an evening of science and explore the universe with your neighbors. If you have binoculars bring them along, the Moon promises to be full that night and easy to explore with them.

Think you can’t see the stars of the night sky in the city? Visit us on the Jenks playground on the 22nd between 7:30 and 10:30 and watch as the stars come out!

Rain date is April 23rd.Al Lamperti