A Very Special Children’s Pastorious Park Concert on
Wednesday, June 29th, 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Pastorius Park is located 2 blocks west of Germantown Ave. on Millman St. in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia

Stephen Courtney and the Suitcase Musicians

Sharing love, kindness and friendship through music.

Encouraging kids (and kids at heart) to be responsible, love their neighbors, and themselves
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Kids and family music that blends genres to create fun and upbeat tunes with a big dose of love and sunshine.

Steven Courtney is a performing songwriter who has experienced multiple areas of success. In a span of this on going career, Steven has performed over 6,100 concerts to date, recorded 30 full-length albums, received 2016 Parents Choice Gold Award for the Sunflower Road album, received 2014 Parents Choice Silver Award for the Sun Hill Market album, 2012 Parents Choice Recommended Award for the Million Smiles To Go album, collected 7 Children’s Music Web Awards and the Arpeggio Award for “Outstanding Work with Children” through the Arts, as well as produce four concert-length performance videos and an award winning Children’s TV series.