Thank you for a great Dancethon!
Let’s have a great Summer 2021!
Every each and every one of you ROCK our worlds and without you, there’d be no one to do this for! We are stunned (and overjoyed) by the in person participation for our first Dancethon this year, and absolutely in awe of the perseverance we saw in the heat we experienced yesterday on the Flourtown Swim Club lawn. We can’t thank you enough for your dedication!
Our Dancethons are completely free to participate in, but we encourage you to show some love to our instructors and the studio via Venmo:
Bria- @msbriamarie

Hannah- @Hannah-Weiss-15

Jasmine- @ladybond003

Jen- @Jen-Mauser

Lauren- @Lauren-McGinley77 

Rachel- @rbunti

Or donate to the studio directly: @msbriamarie

Hybrid Classes
Beginning Saturday, May 29th
We are super excited to invite you back into the studio next weekend! We will be able to welcome as many as 8 people in the studio with us while we livestream. You will be prompted to pick a spot upon reserving for an indoor class. Spots are numbered 1-8 according to their visibility on camera, with 1 being the most visible and 8 being the least.
We do not save any livestream recordings.

Masks will be required for indoor classes until at least June 11th per the City of Philadelphia mandate.