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The CHCA encourages a sense of community and works to improve the quality of life in Chestnut Hill.

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From the Executive Director

Dear Neighbors and Friends of Chestnut Hill,

I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather! As we all struggle with our “new normal”, the CHCA is working hard to provide information and virtual or safe outdoor activities to our members and the community. You can read below about some upcoming member activities, a beautiful virtual garden tour that was our gift to the entire community, meet the CHCA’s new board members and leadership, save the date for a community supper, and more.

Best wishes for a healthy and happy fall season!



Anne McNiff

Anne McNiff

Executive Director

Welcome the Newly Elected and Re-Elected CHCA Board Members

Click HERE for Bios.


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Lindsey Toconita

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Alex Burns

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Michael Harding

Re-Elected Board Members

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Susan Bray

Kathi Clayton

Kathi Clayton

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Lucie Daigle

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Lynn Schroeder

Board Officers for 2020 – 2021

President – Kathi Clayton

Vice President Operations – Tony Banks

Vice President Social Division – Bradley Wells

Vice President Physical Division – Larry McEwen

Secretary – Andy Kite

Treasurer – Karl Martin

Many thanks to the Board Members who previously served as Board Officers – your time, expertise, and commitment was greatly appreciated!  Laura Lucas, Marilyn Paucker, Dan Pulka, Jean Wedgwood, and Joyce Lenhardt.

Save the Date


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Wednesday, September 28

A safe, fun way to connect with friends and neighbors

Be on the look out for more info and your emailed invitation

Have you enjoyed the tour through Chestnut Hill area gardens?

Be sure to take a virtual walk though some gorgeous area gardens and hear from homeowners about what makes them special!

You can also make a donation to support the CHCA Tree Fund.

Click on garden screen below to go to tour

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The Chestnut Hill Community Association was proud to make this year’s annual community award to All the Chestnut Hill Area Essential Workers. We are thankful for all their hard work and dedication during these challenging times. Over the past months we have profiled just a few of the very deserving people who have served this community in the Chestnut Hill Local. Check out those you may have missed. These are just of few of the people working in local businesses and institutions who have kept us healthy, safe, and happy during the epidemic. We salute them all!  Click on the photos below to learn about these essential workers and what they do for our community.

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Message from the Philadelphia Streets Department, for more information go to

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Beautify Your Landscape and help support the

Chestnut Hill Garden District Fund 

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Our friends at the Chestnut Hill Garden District Fund, the group responsible for planting the beautiful barrels, hanging baskets, and many of the window boxes that grace the storefronts along Germantown Ave., has the opportunity to receive 25% of all sales of bulbs, plants, supplements, books, even gift certificates from Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, a high-quality, competitively priced supplier recommended by CHGDF board member and retired Morris Arboretum executive director, Paul Meyer.  Paul has known the family that runs Brent and Becky’s for decades and orders bulbs from them for his own garden.

If ordering your bulbs and other gardening supplies from Brent and Becky’s and simultaneously supporting the CHGDF sounds like a win to you, all you need to do to get started is go to and select Chestnut Hill Garden District from the pull down menu.  When you place your order, the Garden Fund will receive 25% of what you spend.  Win-win!

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Don’t just live in Chestnut Hill, be part of the community.

Support year round fun, interesting and entertaining ideas.

Read your local paper produced right here, under local ownership, by real journalists and expert contributors.

Take a stroll and enjoy the shade of the tree-lined streets and know you are a part of keeping this neighborhood green.

Enjoy the Passport to the Chestnut Hill Experience, a membership perk with $1,000 in discounts and free offers from Chestnut Hill area businesses and restaurants

Don’t just live in Chestnut Hill.

Experience it.



Strengthen Your Social Connections, Volunteer at the CHCA

At the Chestnut Hill Community Association our volunteers collaborate throughout the year to bring our neighborhood vital, engaging and fun community events. We also have committees that help to promote membership in the CHCA, plant trees in our community, and plan year-round programming.

If you’re interested in meeting your neighbors and being a part of the fun in Chestnut Hill, give us a call at 215-248-8810 or email our office at

Regularly Scheduled CHCA Meeting Dates

The CHCA exists thanks to the commitment of many, many volunteers, of every talent, expertise, and interest. They serve on every committee and make possible every initiative. Thank you to each and every one!

(meetings dates and times may change, please confirm by calling 215-248-8811)

While the current public health emergency continues CHCA public meetings are being held virtually on-line. Information and updates will be posted on the CHCA 2020 upcoming meetings page

For additional information
See our weekly listing in the Chestnut Hill Local.

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