Chill Manager needed

-On site 5 days/week 11-5pm

-Must get Food Safety Certification ASAP

Roles and responsibilities:

  1. Oversee the Whentowork schedule: fill holes as needed
  2. Oversee Employees: training, paperwork, follow-up to make sure they’re doing a good job
  3. Oversee cleaning of machines and shop making sure it’s done as needed/ doing the cleaning during the week as needed.
  4. Calculate payroll 2x/month
  5. Order paper products- including cups, napkins, spoons
  6. Order frozen yogurt and keep track of ones on shelves
  7. Unpack froyo as it comes
  8. Order candy as needed
  9. Go to restaurant depot for items like cherries, cones, etc..
  10. Get fruit and make sure we’re ready for the week
  11. Make deposits at the bank and get cash and change as needed
  12. Be our eyes and ears having the best interest for Chill to be its best.