Summer 2022
Area Photographer to Donate Proceeds
from work to support CHMOW
Paul Rappoport has an “eye on the world,” and a heart for our community. Having spent the past 40 years capturing exquisite photo-graphic images of faces and places around the globe, he now wants to share his work to benefit local non profits. Proceeds from the sale of his prints will be donated to CHMOW!
Photographs make beautiful gifts
— wedding, new home, graduation, or any occasion– or make a vibrant statement in your own home or office.
Paul is a retired psychologist and Wyndmoor resident. We are grateful for his giftedness and generosity to us.
Choose a favorite photo.
Then order a print size that suits you best, and email Paul to request that:
“Proceeds benefit CHMOW.”
Greetings, Friends of CHMOW!
Community support is vital all the time, but just now it seems particularly important. Growing client numbers, increased supply and gas costs, and shifts in funding trends add to our reliance on the generosity of our community to make sure our senior and impaired neighbors get the help they deserve.
We appreciate caring individuals such as Paul, Lilianna, and so many of YOU.
And we appreciate the area businesses who are taking the “100 Bucks Challenge”!
To one and all, THANK YOU! And Happy Summer!
Carey Davis
Girl Scout Accomplishment brings
Birthday Joy to Seniors
“I realized that some clients might not get birthday cakes on their birthday, so I decided to give them a cake…I was very happy, because I had worked hard … and actually completed something helpful to people.” — Lilianna, Silver Award Recipient
It takes 50 hours of work– project research, community connection, a plan, and a budget — for a Girl Scout to complete her “Take Action” project for a Silver Award, that and a deep desire to make an impact on her community. Only 10% of scouts actually finish, but Lilianna Covington, Troop 7814, committed herself to the task and saw it through.
The result: 40 beautiful birthday surprises to let seniors know they matter. Each bag contains a micro-wavable cake packet, instructions, and a beautiful pop-out card decorated with the help of younger Brownies, all recruited and trained by Lilianna herself.
Congratulations, Lilianna!
Need a sun hat? Ordering books for your summer reading? Replacing a broken beach umbrella?
If you are ordering on AMAZON, we can benefit! Go to and choose “Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels” as the charity you wish to support. We receive cash for every eligible purchase! THANKS!
Residents of the following zip codes – 19031, 19034, 19038, 19075, 19095, 19118, 19119, 19127, 19128, 19138, 19144, 19150 and 19444
  • A senior (62 or older) – no matter what their physical health.
  • Any person of any age whose disability makes it difficult to shop for food and prepare meals without assistance.
Call us at 215-233-5555 or visit on the web:
Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels | 1710 Bethlehem PikeFlourtown, PA 19031