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We hope you are doing well. To enrich our minds and spirits during this strange time of isolation together, the Conservancy is sending out new activities by email.
This week, we’re excited to share a preview for this year’s Night of Lights, as well as some brand-new History at Home puzzles for you to enjoy.
Introducing the Themes for 2020’s Night of Lights
Photo by Bradley Maule
On view every night from October 9 through the 25, this year’s extended Night of Lights can be enjoyed early, often, and anywhere in between! We’re excited to present some fantastic archival images and stories of Chestnut Hill and our surrounding communities, presented by the Conservancy and our community partners:
·      Vanished Buildings
·      A Civil War Hospital in Chestnut Hill
·      Never Happened
·      A Tour of Germantown Avenue from Wayne Junction to Cresheim Valley (with the Germantown Historical Society)
·      Germantown Avenue Before and After
·      Springfield Township Estates (with the Springfield Township Historical Society)
·      A Short Religious History of Chestnut Hill
Over the next month, we’re excited to take a deeper dive into the themes for this year’s slideshows as we prepare for Night of Lights. We’ll also share ways you can contribute your own stories of the community, past and present!
Interested? Visit and be sure to RSVP to our Facebook event for updated information and more sneak peeks!
New ‘Then and Now’ Activity
History at Home introduces jigsaw puzzles!
For the last few months The Conservancy has been creating and sending you mission-related activities, building our History at Home collection.
We’re excited to present our newest addition to this History at Home collection – Jigsaw puzzles! We’ll be creating puzzles inspired from the history, architecture, and green space in the Chestnut Hill area. Look out for more!
We’ll be offering two puzzles, one archival, (Sepia or Black and White, many pieces – Expert Level!) and one contemporary (Color – fewer pieces – Beginner Level!)
Here’s a tip – click on Preview at the top of the page to look at the image while you work. Click on the images below to link to each puzzle!
For this month’s Then and Now Jigsaw puzzle, we’re featuring two images of the Chestnut Hill Newsstand, in celebration of next month’s Night of Lights. This is a photo from our 2019 Night of Lights!
Photo by Bradley Maule
The Chestnut Hill Newsstand, circa 1967.
Look for more Then and Now jigsaw puzzles in future editions of our History at Home emails. Enjoy!
History at Home
Word Search Puzzle
Night of Lights Slideshow Themes
Thanks to a great response, we’re thrilled to continue sharing Word Search puzzles! We’ll be creating puzzles inspired from the history, architecture, and green space in the Chestnut Hill area. Look out for more!
This month’s Word Search Puzzle is a special edition, featuring this year’s themes from Night of Lights slideshows.
Click on the image to download the puzzle!
Check out the Answer Key to last month’s Word Search puzzle HERE!
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