The newly renamed Chestnut Hill Conservancy & Historical Society (CH Conservancy) and the Chestnut Hill Community Association (CHCA) are creating a study to manage change while protecting the area’s significant resources. The CH Conservancy secured a generous grant from the William Penn Foundation for this “Residential Conservation, Preservation and Development Study”.

This Study builds on years of efforts and studies by CHCA and the CH Conservancy—as well as work by Friends of the Wissahickon (FOW), the City Planning Commission, and others—relating to significant conservation and preservation resources, land use, and zoning issues.

This Study will allow the community to determine and communicate issues and priorities for residential conservation, preservation, and development in Chestnut Hill. By collecting, mapping, and beginning to evaluate previously unconnected data and plans, it will provide a flexible tool to prepare the community for informed public discussions and decision-making. This will be especially useful in the fall of 2017, when the Philadelphia Planning Commission commences the Northwest Philadelphia District Plan, one of the city’s final Comprehensive Plan elements.
This Study will take place from January through May of 2017, directed by the CH Conservancy and CHCA and led by a Steering Committee of community professionals, with assistance from the Natural Lands Trust, Philadelphia University, the University of Pennsylvania, and many key stakeholders.

“The treasured integrity of Chestnut Hill’s natural and cultural resources has also resulted in increasing teardown, subdivision, and redevelopment pressure on residentially-zoned parcels,” says CH Conservancy Executive Director Lori Salganicoff. “We must work together to p​rotect Chestnut Hill’s significant natural and cultural resources, and encourage harmony and enduring quality in new development where appropriate.”

Joyce Lenhardt of CHCA adds: “The Chestnut Hill Community Association has been a faithful steward of Chestnut Hill since 1950 with early forerunners of our Development Review and Land Use Planning and Zoning Committees. Our collaboration with the Chestnut Hill Conservancy on a comprehensive study uses our shared talents for protecting what is special about Chestnut Hill and creating a roadmap for its future preservation and development.”
Please visit or for more information about the Steering Committee, to read prior planning documents, and to leave feedback about this effort.

About the Chestnut Hill Conservancy:

The Chestnut Hill Conservancy, formerly the Chestnut Hill Historical Society, founded in 1967, is an educational center and advocate for the architecture, open space and social history of Chestnut Hill and surrounding communities.

Credit:  Chestnut Hill Conservancy

Caption:  The Wissahickon Watershed is comprised of a vast network of publicly- and privately-owned land. The Chestnut Hill Conservancy works with property owners to conserve privately-owned land in the face of increasing development pressure, protecting water quality and native flora and fauna. The Chestnut Hill Conservancy has the distinction of being the nation’s first urban accredited land trust.