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Relax Therapy Spa

Relax Therapy Spa, integrated restorative bodywork by Gilda Smith. Massage and yoga natural alignment therapy.

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Gilda’s bodywork approach is to re-establish joint alignment to facilitate self healing. Essentially all aspects of healing begin with the action to breathe. Acknowledging the complexity of the mind-body relationship, improving the client’s neuromuscular communication, energetic and spiritual body, blended will result in improved body mechanics. Gilda ascertains your path to a balance by aligning the body to function optimally against gravity.

Gilda’s trauma informed yoga practice, is designed for transitional wellness, by education principles of the nuances we experience within our body. Acknowledging the koshas: the phyiscal body, energetic life force, vacillating emotions, intellectual agreements and forbearing soul into balance to relax the mind, creating a receptive soul.

Teaching peace within and with all.

Therapist Who Cares

I been to fancy spas and other places. I have had many massages but Gilda is one of the most gifted massage therapist I have had the pleasure of working with. Her knowledge of the body, how it all works together and how to address the pain is unsurpassed. I will be rescheduling this week!

Feel Relaxed & Restored

Having an outstanding understanding of the movement of the body, Gilda has intentionally blended various modalities to consistently give you results that will relieve fatigued muscles and induce deep relaxation. She will successfully target imbalanced patterns to balance muscular integrity with a serene, unwinding approach.


Gilda Smith LMT, NMT, PDMT, IPT and Certified Yoga instructor

Graduated from Pennsylvania School of Muscle therapy in 2001, Gilda has continued to make education of the science of the body a priority in her massage therapy career. She has studied various Pfrimmer deep muscle therapy, cranial sacral, Heller myofascial, neuromuscular therapy, yoga therapy, this massage, osteopathic positional release therapy and SMRT. Gilda continues to grow with her daily regiment of studying anatomy and kinesiology. Gilda has also received the privilege to study with a master Rolfer, Bill Harvey to learn biodynamic therapy.

She believes in stoking the fire of practical knowledge continuously. Her effort benefits her clientele, enables her to read the body much like she reads her books.


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