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Primo Hoagies

Our Story

In Philadelphia, when it comes to cold-cut based sandwiches, there aren’t any “submarines.” A “hero” is best described as someone who puts their life on the line for the safety of others, such as the firemen, policemen and our military. A “zeppelin” is something that occasionally floats over a big sporting event. The truth is, to real Philadelphians; Italian sandwiches on a hearty long roll have long been known as a hoagie. According to popular belief, the hoagie originated in Philadelphia many years ago.

Back when the original PrimoHoagies opened on Ritner Street in south Philadelphia, it seemed as if there was a hoagie shop on every street corner. PrimoHoagies knew that they needed to differentiate themselves from the competition. Everywhere you went, the hoagies were nearly the same generic product. PrimoHoagies wanted to emphasize the authentic Italian style of the hoagie, which is how it was originated.

It didn’t take long for the neighborhood to realize the quality and authenticity that PrimoHoagies was serving. In a short period of time, lines began to form. It was not unheard of for a line to form out the door and around the corner. The buzz in the neighborhood was tremendous.

The demand for the product became so great that the decision was made to franchise the system. PrimoHoagies stores were beginning to pop up throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Within the initial 10 years of franchising the system, there were locations in 6 states. PrimoHoagies unrelenting commitment to quality and consistency has led to the explosive growth that you see today.

The success of Primo is attributed to an excellent, long-tenured staff that regularly serves up a combination of quality, consistency, and originality. Our large and diverse menu features dozens of Specialty Hoagies, most of which are our very own original creations. Primo Hoagies are always made fresh to order, using only the finest Thumanns gourmet quality meats and cheese. Primo Hoagie Trays and Italian Sampler Platters have become hugely popular at many social gatherings and functions. They are a perfect choice for client presentations, parties, and just about any other get-together you can think of. Our trays and platters are also warmly appreciated when offered as a “thank you” or sympathy gesture.

The popularity and excellence of PrimoHoagies has been affirmed by numerous recognitions. PrimoHoagies has won an incredible number of awards. In fact, our stores have won major awards in nearly every region and community that that we have a presence, too many to list. PrimoHoagies has also been featured in countless newspaper articles, local television news stories, and a topic of discussion on many local radio stations. Primo has been a favorite stop of many local celebrities, athletes, Local personalities and business executives throughout the region.

Through this expansion, Primo has managed to uphold the quality and consistency of product and service that has made us a favorite in every region that we are located. We will continue to be stringent in the selection process of prospective franchisee’s to ensure compatibility and sincerity for the right to join the Primo family and represent our name to the high standards that we’ve set since our inception. Our first and foremost priority is to never compromise our outstanding product and unique concept. This is our guarantee to our loyal and ever-growing clientele. So remember, it’s not a sub, or hero, or zeppelin. In fact, to most people, “It’s not just a hoagie… It’s a Primo”.


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