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Custom framing. Art production. Interiors. 

Named for the giant Palladian windows at its first address, Jay Susanin’s PALLADIO has always been rooted in the custom framing and interior design industries. PALLADIO opened in 2001 and has earned a reputation as one of the region’s top custom framing companies with a growing presence in the art production and interior design arenas.

Because of his background in history, business, architecture, historic preservation and interiors, Jay’s residential and corporate clients have access to a unique combination of talents.


The hallmark of JD Susanin’s success and reputation at PALLADIO is defined by what he and his design team do with custom framing. The cornerstone of production at PALLADIO is the attention and care given to each piece as well as the conservation practices used in framing. In addition, the designers frequently incorporate custom digital backgrounds, fabrics or unexpected backdrops when creating certain designs that often become one-of a kind. Working with the superb frame collections of Larson Juhl, Jonah Frameworks, Fotiou and Roma and the custom-created, hand-gilded frames of Rhonda Feinman, PALLADIO’s designers have limitless possibilities in achieving the unique. With such amazing tools and design strengths, PALLADIO has proudly earned its reputation as one of the best custom framing businesses in the Philadelphia area.


Tucked into the corner of the Interior Design industry is the treatment of walls – and it is here that JD Susanin and PALLADIO have flourished. Called to task for creating residential, corporate and institutional Art Plans, Jay has had the opportunity to design, produce and frame entire art collections and carry the Plan through to space planning, furniture selection, color consulting and even accessorizing. Jay works routinely with local photographer Ian Campbell who, from the other side of the lens, brings his ideas to life with unmatchable creativity and imagination. Whether for a one room mini museum, a beach house or a ten-story apartment house, Jay carries forth the same brand of unique and rare.


Part of JD Susanin’s role at PALLADIO is to create Art Plans of all scales and sizes – for both residential and corporate clients. Because his designs are focused on what is both personal and unique, Jay has been building his own library of artwork that is used routinely to make his Plans unique and complement his clients’ collections. Through the magic of digital imagery and with the expertise of its in-house design team PALLADIO is able to offer a growing collection which, in many cases, can be tailor-fit to specific personalization, sizes, colors.

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