17 East Chestnut Hill Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Our Mother of Consolation Parish School

Our Mother of Consolation (OMC) Parish School promotes spiritual and academic growth in a vibrant Catholic Christian Environment. The history of OMC is one of commitment, faith, and dedication.

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While the school was founded in 1862, the story of OMC goes back a few more years. Joseph Middleton was a Quaker convert to Catholicism and owned a great deal of land in Chestnut Hill, a rapidly developing but somewhat remote streetcar suburb in Philadelphia. For $2,500, Middleton purchased a plot of land on Chestnut Hill Avenue on June 10, 1855. In 1862, religious education classes began in a small tenant house on the grounds. Later, their mission to educate led the Sisters to found Mount Saint Joseph’s Academy in 1871 and Chestnut Hill College in 1924.

Now, as at its founding, OMC continues to serve the Catholic Community, as well as promote a faith-filled educational environment with a committment to 21st-century education. The fire of the Spirit that created our school in 1862 still burns today with the Oblates, the Sisters of Saint Joseph, and an engaged and dynamic faculty and staff, all of whom are united to educate children in a blessed, excellent, and explicitly Catholic environment.

Academic Excellence

OMC student standardized test scores rank among the highest in the Archdiocese, and are well above the national averages across all areas of the curriculum.

Our core curriculum adheres to that of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. It meets the Common Core Standards of the State of Pennsylvania while adding religion instruction to allow students to deepen their relationship with Christ. Furthermore, OMC provides specialized learning opportunities during and after the school day.

Ordinarily, class sizes do not exceed 25. In this way, every student has the opportunity to express and receive the personalized attention that is critical to a 21st century education.

Our preschool and lower grades establish a solid foundation across the entire curriculum while our upper grades have gained a strong reputation as a “high school prep” program. OMC graduates report that their academic transition to high school is very smooth and that often they are ahead of their classmates due to the rigorous academic training instilled at OMC.


Our Mother of Consolation Parish School is a vital part of the parish community, the local community, and the broader community. This strong sense of connection is a core aspect of our belief system. OMC relies heavily on the Volunteerism of school parents to keep the school humming and vibrant each day. When parents make a commitment of their time and talents to the school community, they provide a model of volunteerism and community spirit to their children, our students. This positive example is then channeled to the broader circles of parish community, local community, and beyond.


We are socio-economically, ethnically, racially, and geographically diverse. While our school’s identity and the bulk of our students are proudly Roman Catholic, we have numerous non-Catholic Christians in our school as well. We are, in all dimensions, the people of God. Segregation by wealth, educational levels, and race is increasing at alarming rates in our society. OMC defies that trend. OMC is blessed with a diversity that enriches our community and immerses our Children in discipleship.


Monday - Friday 7:45 AM 3:00 PM

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