Authentic Indian Cooking made easy

One MOJI SPICE pack.
A Few produce items & Moji’s Recipe. Magic!

Moji Masala is the easiest way to transform simple ingredients into a feast for the senses in a short amount of time.  Our freshly ground, impeccably stored Indian spice blends (masalas) provide the foundation for quick, authentic, intensely satisfying meals without the hassle of spice shopping.  The single-use, vibrant packaging bears no resemblance to the mass-produced jars gathering dust on your spice rack.  These are age-old family recipes that celebrate the cultural, religious and regional diversity of India.  So, pick your favorite Moji Masala spice packets.  Buy a few grocery items.  Use Moji’s recipes and prepare to amaze your friends and family by your fabulous Indian cooking skills!

A recent Forbes article featured moji masal.  You can see, and hear it, HERE