12 West Willow Grove Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118


Kismet CoWork


Coworking brings together people working for themselves or different employers to share space, ideas, knowledge, and experience. Kismet elevates this premise by keeping you engaged, motivated, connecting, learning, and growing. Beyond a well-designed work environment that expands your network opening possibilities to greater success, Kismet provides a social network and inspirational programming that will improve your life.

Whether you join and prefer to work solo or in a team, all members gain a silent confidence knowing that there is always access to the potential for interactions, collaborations and growth.


Coworking brings people together! Whether you’re self employed or work remotely, at Kismet you will not just be sharing space but also ideas, knowledge, and experience. Being welcomed into the engaged Kismet Community, you will expand your opportunities for business development and collaboration. Kismet provides a social network and relevant programming that will inspire you and set you up for success. Whether you work solo or on a team, all members gain a silent confidence knowing that there is always access to the potential for interactions and growth within our community.


Kismet has created an inspiring workplace at the intersection of design, commerce, connections, and architecture. There is no long lease. There is no work persona. Simply a well designed workplace that strikes the right balance between the need for privacy and the power of a productive, focused work environment Kismet combines the benefits of working in a traditional office setting, while still having the independence to decide how to structure your day.


Beyond a friendly and warm reception, Kismet staff is always working quietly and relentlessly to ensure a seamless interaction with all of the elements of your workday. We will always be preoccupied by cleanliness; your comfort; incredible coffee & hassle-free access to our technology, printing, and reservation systems. Come, relax, work.


At Kismet, we enjoy gathering people to learn and collaborate on topics including technology, culture, design, and more. We also host board meetings and networking groups from time to time. If you have an idea for an event, or have a group looking for space to meet, we want to hear more about it!