8335 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118

From Bali to US

Lovers of handmade crafts and Asian arts and culture can rejoice! Local batik artist and Indonesian educator Laura Cohn will again open From Bali to Us, a magical bazaar and art show with special events, from November 2 through December 24, 2022 at 8335 Germantown Ave in the heart of Chestnut Hill.

This beloved event showcases glorious Indonesian handcrafts and treasures for sale, along with Cohn’s own contemporary batik paintings. Unique events range from a Play-the-Angklung music night for all ages to Stretching and Sipping Jamu (an herbal immune booster).

Each item is handpicked personally by Cohn in Indonesia, where she lived and painted for six years, learning the language and building relationships. Cohn’s 30 years of connections with artisans allow her to buy fair-trade handcrafts rarely seen in the US. She was also able to make virtual-visit purchases during the COVID-19 shutdown, so the show is as abundant as ever, unaffected by supply-chain limitations that worry many holiday shoppers.

In 2020, Cohn created a new online store,, that lets shoppers browse and purchase everything from jewelry to sculpture, from the comfort of home. From Bali to US provides a deep dive into Indonesian culture with Cohn as vivacious guide, offering gifts for all ages and price points. A portion of every purchase benefits Indonesian non-profits that support women’s health, environmental clean-up and pandemic relief for artisans.

Cohn is passionate about her mission to educate Americans about Indonesia’s rich culture. Weekly free or low-cost events range from the opening celebration with Modero Indonesian Dance Company accompanied by live Gamelan (Indonesian orchestra), to a virtual Balinese cooking class and feast, films and travel talks, traditional instrument classes, a batik-fashion trunk show, modern Indonesian pop music, and more. Cohn promises that visitors will leave From Bali to Us feeling like they’ve visited the magical island of Bali itself.

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