Chestnut Hill Animal Hospital was established in 1974. Our hospital is committed to providing the best traditional medical and surgical care, rehabilitation, fitness, and pain management, and holistic and complementary medical therapies. We at Chestnut Hill Animal Hospital are dedicated to honoring the special bond between you and your beloved animal companion.

We provide specialist care in our hospital for ultrasound, radiology, cardiology, echocardiograms, surgery and dentistry.
We provide rehabilitation, fitness, and pain management in our hospital with a team of certified professionals.

To facilitate efficient care when diagnostic work is required, we are able to perform in-house laboratory tests, electrocardiograms, blood pressure analysis and radiographs.

We recognize that the wellness of all companion animals is dependent on good nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation and lots of love. Where appropriate, we combine state-of-the-art conventional medicine with complementary modalities including cold laser therapy, acupuncture, herbal therapy, neutraceuticals, and dietary medicine.


903 Bethlehem Pike
Erdenheim, PA 19038




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