Relationships offer the opportunity to discover what is true – freedom, clarity, inner strength.

“If you enhance yourself into a very beautiful state, everyone will want to hold a relationship with you. If you do not enhance yourself and try to manage everything, it is going to be very stressful. A human being should always focus on how to enhance his way of being. Then, everything else gets naturally managed. Whether it is your profession, your relationship, or whatever else in your life, it will happen to its best, only when who you are is enhanced.” – Sadhguru
I empower you to progress toward improved health and well-being. Through Psychotherapy, Behavioral Health Consulting, and Yoga-Centered Therapy, I assist in discovering what is keeping you in a state of imbalance (discouraged, anxious, and depressed). I teach new skills, develop behavioral plans, and introduce specific yogic techniques to bring you back to balance on any given layer. This new awareness and practice will keep your life moving towards achieving your highest dreams.


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Monday - Friday 7AM 9PM
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