Hello, everyone.

By way of update, I have still not been granted access to my studio space by the parish, so group classes are still on hold for now. my plan is to return to outdoor sessions as soon as the weather permits. Thanx to those of you who have asked.
Instead of using the word “happy,” I will simply wish you all a healthy and prosperous new year. God knows we could all use a bit of both in our lives right now.
One sure way to put some “happy” into your life is to bring in the magic of dance into it!! HA! I think most, if not all of you know that. You’re on my list. However, many of you who may have life partners came to class without that person.
Maybe class didn’t match up with their schedule, or perhaps they were nervous about learning in front of others. Well, now is the chance to fix that by creating an at-home “Date 4 Your Mate!”
Even those of you who did come to class together will still enjoy the refresher, and the chance to gain a trick, or two! Here’s how we play:
Step 1 is to book a private dance lesson for the 2 of you with me at your home, (socially distanced, and with all precautions in place, of course)
Step 2 is to prepare a special meal. This is a top shelf kinda night.
Step 3 is to get all gussied up and look as good as the food, or better…and that’s for everyone!
Step 4 is to have that lesson, and have fun doing it.
Step 4 EAT, and watch each other play with your food.
Step 5 Put the kids to bed, turn on the music, and finish the date in grand style…whatever that means to the two of you.
Now honestly, you could do steps 2-5 on your own, but it wouldn’t be half as fun, and you wouldn’t be supporting your local artist, either. Add step 1, and its a much more meaningful experience. I have all the PPE we could ever need, so let’s mask up and do the damn thing!
Step 6 SAVE MONEY By doing a “Date 4your Mate” session, MEN ARE HALF PRICE!! That’s right. BOGO 1/2!!* That means buy one, get one half off, in case you don’t shop sales.
So now there’s no excuse not to save money, not to mention an artist, and have a memory for a lifetime.
It’s been soo long since we’ve been able to come together and dance, and to those of us who love to do it, this is a real strain. In the mean time, I have uploaded a few lessons to my channel on YouTube for you all to enjoy practicing. Here’s one:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq6H9MtK-nw&t=522s
Let’s build on these basics to get ready for date night.
I’ll look to see you soon,
Hasta la Pista,
*except in the case of same sex couples. Both men or the leading partner, alternately, would be eligible for the discount.