Here’s to MORE Freedom!

Dear Friends,

Perhaps it’s because it’s the 4th of July that I’m thinking about the FREEDOM

we at CHMOW hope to offer the neighbors we serve. One of the most difficult parts of aging and dealing with physical or cognitive challenges is the lack of freedom one feels.

…freedom to move around, to leave the house, to engage in activities you love…

…freedom to see friends, connect at family gatherings…

…freedom to enjoy your home, care for your home, stay in your home…

Little by little, or perhaps all at once, our clients are faced with the loss of some of the simple freedoms they once enjoyed.

It’s our desire — truly part of our mission — to help these neighbors

maintain some independence and the sense of freedom that brings.

The healthy meals arriving at their doorstep free our clients from the worry of hunger or poor nutrition and offer family members some peace of mind in allowing their loved ones to continue to live on their own.

Connection with kind and engaging volunteer drivers and phone buddies*

frees them from the fear that they are alone or forgotten, that their lifetime of experiences and stories and wisdom no longer has value to anyone.

We THANK YOU for sharing with us in this freedom-extending endeavor!

Happy Fourth!


CHMOW Executive Director

Sponsor our Harvest Kitchen Tour!

The HKT is our primary fund raising event of the year, generating important funds for our program AND it’s a great way to highlight your BUSINESS!

Promotional materials and social media reach a broad local audience, and each of the 300+ area participants receives a tour book including YOUR company information.

Individuals can be sponsors, too…!

To learn more, email us!

Needed: 10 new *PHONE BUDDIES

We are combatting loneliness one call at a time! A friendly call can mean a world of difference to a senior who doesn’t get out much. Phone Buddies make a 3-month commitment to call once a week, just to chat. Next round begins mid-August.

Send me Phone Buddies info!

Donate your Unused CAR

Cruise past the hassles of selling your unwanted vehicle by donating it to CHMOW. It’s free, and your gift is tax-deductible. Plus, your generous donation supports meals for our senior neighbors! Ready to make a difference? Call 1-844-411-5768 or donate securely online at this link


Residents of the following zip codes – 19031, 19034, 19038, 19075, 19095, 19118, 19119, 19127, 19128, 19138, 19144, 19150 and 19444

  • A senior (62 or older) – no matter what their physical health.
  • Any person of any age whose disability makes it difficult to shop for food and prepare meals without assistance.

Call us at 215-233-5555 or visit on the web:

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